Truman's, Inc.  "San-Blast "

Business Closed - Parts still available

In November of 2002, the owner of Truman's, Inc. retired and closed the company.  At this time, want to take this opportunity to thank all Truman's customers for their loyal support over the years.  Replacement nozzles and repair parts are available from several sources, listed below or elsewhere, and can be located on the Internet through various search engines.  Look for sandblasters, sandblasting or sandblast equipment - or see below for several reliable and current sources of parts.

    Brut Mfg.

Brut carries a complete stock - Everything you need for your Truman's Pressure-fed Blaster.  Largest supply in the Midwest - Ships UPS.

*  "38 Special" Valves & parts.
*  "Cougar" Valves & parts.
*  Brut "Squeezer" Valves.
*  Ceramic & Carbide Nozzles.
*  Abrasive Blasting Hose.
*  Steel Hose Fittings.
*  Hoods & Hood Lenses.
*  Portable Pressure Blasters
*  Everything you need.
*  Sells direct from NE Ohio.

  BRUT MFG.Dept. T
4680 Alabama Ave.
Navarre, OH  44662
Parts Hotline
Local Phone 330-833-1189
Fax 24/7  330-833-6513


Pressure Blasters made by P.K. Lindsay were sold by Truman's for years.  In 2001, Lindsay closed their company, but almost all of their parts are stocked by Airwaves - Ships UPS.

*  Ceramic & Carbide Nozzles
*  Abrasive Blast Hose & ftgs.
*  Hose Fittings - all types.
*  66EVD Shutoff Valves
*  Nova & Astro & Bullard
    Helmets, Parts & Lenses.
*  Clemco & Schmidt parts.
* EL Smith Air Compressors,
   pumps and repair parts.

PO Box 448
Stratham, NH 03885
Call Mike Smith for parts
Toll Free: 800-258-3576
Local Ph:  603-778-3823
Fax 24/7: 603-778-3824

   Glass Etching

Large Stock of special size nozzles and foot-pedal controlled shutoff valves for pressure-fed blasting of mirrors and glass - Ships UPS.

*  Ceramic & Carbide Nozzles
*  Special Hoses & Fittings.
*  "Glass-Passer" Cabinets.
*  Great phone support.
*  Everything is IN STOCK.

*  GLASTAR is the world's largest supplier of special equipment  and parts for glass and mirror etching.

Dept. T
20721 Marilla Street
CA  91311
Toll Free 800-423-5635
Local Ph. 818-341-0301
Fax 24/7: 818-998-2078




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